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Castaways SWIM ACROSS -Ch2

Updated: Aug 21, 2018

...Just get there

People by the millions watched as the new reality TV show Castaways aired Tuesday August 7th, 2018. Making decisions in life, whether they are right, wrong or indifferent … do have a ripple effect. I said "I lived a very safe life", my daughter told me in her opinion she felt "I get my bad mental health from doing the same things over and over again" all of this has truth so I decided to "SWIM ACROSS" . I was going to swim out and make that swim to the left island. I barely could see was a long way however the water looked smooth. Just like when life throws you a curve ball, so did this decision. When I made it out of the cove water into more of the ocean.....I was swept away. The rip tide had ahold of me, I swallowed sea water and I was in panic mode. "The crate" I found hiking around the island cove. However, I was so out of shape, I could not navigate on the cliffs and I felt trapped. By sure miracle I found that old crate. I have no idea at the time why I went out of my way to pick it up. I decided my only way off and out was to Swim Across. If I not used that crate to help float me I would have drowned. And actually when the tide grabbed me and started taking me out...My panic mode was to swim back to the cove I started. It was just way to strong, the current pushed me out into the middle of the ocean and was taking me out to sea. Nothing but blue skies ahead. in the middle of a ocean current. After what felt like an hour I can see a hut off to the right and I had a second wind and adrenaline rush. I held onto that crate and kicked as hard as I could to clear the tide and make it to shore. It was sure excitement when I landed. My point is.... I made a decision one way and completely ended up somewhere else. Unplanned and only by the grace of God did I find new land. I encourage you to step outside your comfort zone. And remember.... "YOU MUST LOOSE SIGHT OF THE SHORE....IF YOUR GONNA SWIM FOR NEW HORIZONS"

Until I blog again...…. "Swim Across" Robbie Rainbow

I can't wait for next Tuesday!!!!!!!!! Castaways

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