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Island Cleanse - Ch3

That feeling!

Everything that happened on Castaways E2 "Man Down" for me was a first.   It was a very emotional episode.  It was the first time I had ever met with my parents about my adoption and discussed wanting to find and reach out to my dad.  The meeting with Woody and the questions I was able to talk about was a first as well, it was cleansing.  My parents were willing to help me locate Woody.   If it was not for Steve (my adopted dad) I would have not been able to track him down.  I was also blessed that Woody was willing and open to meeting with me.  I was able to get some clarity on feelings I had built up for many years.  Thank you Woody for being open, honest, and self admitting, I love you for that.  It was a strange feeling seeing you and to know that you were one of the reasons I was put on this earth.  I do thank and love you for that.  I also thank my parents for raising and nurturing me.  It was so special to have my sister there by my side.  Our family relationship, I feel has matured to new levels.  I had to face some fears and was not sure what was to come.  I took a leap of faith hoping the outcome would answer questions.    Like my dad said, "this is something that is really good for all of us that we learn about each other and help you out and maybe your dad needs closure as well".   Now to the best part of the show.... Kenzi returns!!!!   I will never forget the feeling when Kenzi woke me up with snacks and supplies.  Yes I was snoring, that was so funny.  I always joked with Brook....I don't snore, now I see the proof on national TV, that I really do....and I'm great at it.   That was some serious snoring, I was out cold.  Kenzi came back and she brought stuff! 

What Kenzi said I will never forget.... 

"My intentions initially were just to get anything valuable I found on the beach that we could use but it led me far away and it led me to not coming back.  I'm not gonna lie I thought about staying, I mean I thought about it...I had shelter, I had fire, I had food, I had water, I had everything I needed to survive on my own....but I didn't have Robbie" - Kenzi

The transformation has begun... I can't wait to see what happens next!

"Someday it will all make sense" - Robbie

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