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Only the Lonely - Journals Ch4

Journal Time hosted by Kenzi & Robbie

As our fastpaced world races by...and time on the island stood still!  The Night felt like an eternity, and day seemed to never end.  This pic was from Eposide 3 "Only the Lonely" where Kenzi and Robbie were reading the story of Eric AKA Dragon Fly.  A nickname I gave him based upon a drawing he drew in his writing!  

Is journaling a lost art?  I think about Social Media and will answer no.  Millions and millions of people use Social media, cell phones and various apps to save pics and information.  I consider it a form of journaling.  Some choose to make it private and some choose to make it public.  In my opinion its how we have moved with the technology and the times.  Technology for me personally has helped keep me accountable on my weight loss journey.  I was over 400 pounds and I used it to hold me accountable and journal my progress.  Although most I share with Brook (my wife) and the family. I know there will come a time when I will share it with the world.  Because I still journal its just not with a pen and paper.  Its on my electonic device!  For my time on the island there was no electricity, no computers, no cell phones, no instagram or group texting...I had the clothes on my back, limited resources, and a few items found in a packed bag by another castaway.  Yes I wrote in my journal and yes I did choose to read Eric's.  Its a debatable topic....Stranded on a deserted island, I chose to do it!

I absolutely love this show, Castaways.  I continue to rewatch the first 3 episodes as I am able to piece together little things I missed.  It is such a deep show mentally, physically and socially!  I can't wait to see what happens next week!  Tuesday can't get here fast enough.  Castaways on ABC.

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