Stepping out of my comfort zone - Ch1

Updated: Aug 21, 2018

Welcome to the journey!


Now Casting!

I was the guy that started a diet every Monday. Yes! By Wednesday I was over it, defiant with a terrible attitude. Then after a couple weeks of binge eating I would start all over again. This was me, the roller coaster of battling food addictions and in & out of depression. I was in a bad way; However, I was functional (even at 404 pounds). I was always on time for work, accepted and a well loved Middle School Physical Education teacher and coach. About four years ago I drove past a billboard announcing that biggest loser auditions were coming to Birmingham. I stepped out of my comfort zone and headed downtown to wait in line to become the next biggest I thought. I applied but was cut. However, this process did get my email and name into a Casting database. Years later I received an email with a link to apply for a new show, Castaways! I was hesitant because I remember the feeling of failure. I have taught students to "be brave in your fails". I personally have failed so many times, especially when it came to food and weight loss. This was my chance to step out, and be brave. So I applied on-line and began the journey of the unknown.....

Brook weighing Robbie *Scale errors out after 404.8 LBs

#WHYhow Join me as we take this epic journey! This is just the beginning! Let's take it together starting August 7th (10/9c) on ABC escape with me and watch Castaways. Check back in weekly as I update, blog! Follow me on Social Media!

Until next time...…. "Don't let fear or failure rob you of your purpose or journey" Robbie

Step outside your comfort zone #WeGotThis

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