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WeGotThis 6 week Challenge

Join me for 6 weeks and let’s kick off the new year together! I started my journey weighing over 410 pounds. I finally realized I needed to make a complete lifestyle change and made a commitment to myself and my family to live a healthier life. I have been able to overcome morbid obesity by cleaning out the kitchen, starting a regular exercise program, setting goals, and leaning on my community of support. That’s what I want to do for you! I want to help you get off your island. Starting Jan. 1, 2019 and over the next 6 weeks you will have access to •weekly videos •weekly motivational emails •weekly inspirational cards to keep you going •#WeGotThis band to give you that daily reminder to stick with it •weekly guide to set goals •a community that’s committed to make a change! Complete the 6 week challenge with me and I’ll send you a #WeGotThis t-shirt!!!

You have stepped outside your comfort zone and signed up to “strand” yourself on an

island for 6 weeks! I challenge you to make it…I challenge you to get off your island! If

you do you will transform mentally, physically, and socially no matter what you are after.

I found out I have to live without some “comforts” and face “struggle” to realize I am

worth it and find balance in my life. I use a positive outlook even through the worst.

Along your journey you will lean on me and I will lean on you. My journey like yours

won’t actually end in 6 weeks it must become our lifestyle. However, this will be our

start! Together we will build a community of change for the better!

I did the same last year and as you watched, it all unfold, I was able to survive. I

experienced a major change mentally, physically, and socially and I have come out

healthier in all those areas. I KNOW you can do the same!

This challenge means so much to me, my family, and now YOU! I am excited to help

you achieve success!


sign up today!!!!

WeGotThis 6 week challenge Jan 1, 2019

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