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Amanda Arnold
Jan 02, 2019
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Hello! Today didn't start out quite how I intentions were to wake up early (6:00) and head straight to the gym before my 11 almost 12 month old woke up. That alarm went off and I hit SNOOZE...multiple times. Needless to say, I didn't get to the gym, my kiddo woke up, and we went about our morning. I was frustrated and upset with myself. It is only day 2 for goodness sake. Typically, I might let this affect my day and just settle for an afternoon walk...which is still great and something I enjoy but not meeting my 6 week challenge goals. Nap time for my little guy rolled around...this is a time I usually use to get work done (I am currently working part time). I thought about you all and focused on the quote that spoke to me today "if anything stands between you and your success, move it and go on!" So that's just what I did!!! I only had a small window of time but I made it to the gym and got a workout in!!! Man did it feel good...thank you for motivating me and being a source of accountability. WE GOT THIS
Amanda Arnold
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