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Meal prep
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Jan 02, 2019
Food choices are my downfall too. I've always passed it off as not a big deal or that I have more control than I do. Like my profile says it took some difficult words from my son and wife, along with God working on my pride, to admit my food choices control me more than I have control over it. For me food is often 'convenient', neither my wife nor I cook, so we eat out a lot and I drive around for work where it's convenient to stop in fast food. Last week we made a few changes: 1) Commitment to cook and eat at home 3 days a week. It's not that we can't cook, it's that we don't cook. 2) remove BAD food from the house and don't buy it. 3) Use Publix/Aldi/Wholefoods instacart (Online Shopping), costs a little more but keeps us off the food isles and we can be intentional with our purchases. 4) Know what I'm ordering before I go to fast food/restaurant. This is a big change I learned from my son. He plays Professional baseball in the Texas Rangers Organization and they have nutritional guides for their players that outline everything from Groceries to Fast Food to Gas Stations (Like Robbie buying a hard boiled egg at a gas station). Often times their bus just stops at random places to fuel and eat, or they are in a hotel and only have chain food around them. So the guide is specific on what they should order at practically every place you can think of. For instance, Jersey Mikes has a TUB SUB, that is AWESOME and filling. Wendis Chilli and grilled chicken without the bun is good, Fish Tacos at Chillis. Anyway, I stole his book! LOL These are starts for me and not too overwhelming that I fear failing. Now I gotta go get our turkey taco meat started for taco salad night.
Apple Watch
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Jan 01, 2019
I got your invite, great job!


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