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Katrina R
Jan 07, 2019
In General Discussions
Hi all! I recently quit my gym membership because it was creepy. Weird huh? I used to go regularly to one of those 24 hour places with no staff present. I'd go around 4 a.m. because that is when I like to start my workout day. To be honest, I've been a member of two different chains of the 24 hour unstaffed gyms - and both times had a similar experience. Unfortunately, there were not always friendly people there at that time of the day, and at the last place I was a member; there was one creepy person (for me) that kind of made my trips to the gym a bit unnerving. So.... I stopped. And.... I gained weight back and started eating not so healthy options. May sound like odd rationale, but for me this is my reality. Now... I'm trying to figure out my new course of action. I'm on the yo-yo island; you know the one - where people look and feel great and then fall off into the abyss and start to look fluffier and fluffier? :) Bottom line; this time, I want to make it stick! I'm thinking about a Peleton bike. My daughter has one, and after trying it out it seems like it might be a good daily motivator for me - especially the live classes. There are also great stretching, strength and core classes on demand, so that is a plus. Any one here have experience with one? I know there is definitely a $ commitment, so I thought that also might help me stay motivated..... Looking for any feedback - good, bad, or otherwise. Thanks in advance!!!
Katrina R
Jan 01, 2019
In General Discussions
Looking forward to starting this journey with all of you - and will be using the daily inspiration cards to help motivate me. After Robbie was rescued from the Island, I followed him everyday on Instagram, and really appreciated each of his daily motivation messages. They reminded me that I was not in this alone, together we Got This!!! Happy 2019, New Year, New Us!

Katrina R

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